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Accelerated baseball is very expensive and many families struggle to pay for it. When I was coaching 14u, we did 22 tournaments in one year between 5 different states. One mom said that she spent over $10,000 on travel costs alone. I found a way to raise money. Please email me at to get the flyer we used.

Businesses have more money than consumers. Hit the businesses.

Make it so that the businesses get something in return.

Offer choice levels of sponsorship.

Honor your commitments and deliver (do what you said you would do for the money so you can ask them next year).

The benefit the business gets should be more than what they pay, and you should be able to prove it.

Use relationships of the parents of the boys who know businesses they do business with or work for.

Have the boys contact businesses and ask – much better than an adult – people are more willing to help our a kid than an adult.

So we marketed exposure for their company – 1st Base included their name on T shirts, 2nd Base sponsorship had their company on a banner we used at each game in addition to 1st Base Sponsorship, 3rd Base sponsorship included all the previous benefits plus we handed out flyers at games for the business and did google reviews for their business website and other reviews on the internet linking back to their company website to help their Search Engine Optimization, and lastly a home run sponsorship included everything and their name on Jerseys and even in the name of the team.

Each player had to visit 20 businesses by a certain date for them to have access to the sponsorship money. It did not matter how many sponsors they got – the only requirement was to ask 20 businesses. If they did, they would get an equal share of all the money raised on the team through all the efforts of all the players that participated. Last year, we raised $16,000!

The approach – let them business that we are going to make them more money than what they pay with our benefits and plus they will be helping out youth.

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– Springville Coach Michael Jenkins


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