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Pitching Tips

Learn the best stances and throwing techniques for baseball pitching from Springville Coach Michael Jenkins

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Batting Tips

Read about how to more consistently hit ball when you’re up to bat, and how to send more of those balls over the fence.

Base Running Tips

Learn about the best ways to get around the bases with some tips and trick from Springville Coach Michael Jenkins.

Fielding Tips

Read about different strategies and positions involved with in-fielding and out-fielding.


Mike Jenkins is happily married to Faye and has 7 children – 5 boys and 2 girls. Mike Jenkins lives in Springville. Mike started coaching city sports in Mapleton and Springville, Utah in 2000. Mike saw that his boys had a natural talent for baseball. Ryan Jenkins started an accelerated traveling team when he was 11 for the Twolves. Mike was an assistant coach and learned from one of the best coaches ever seen – Dave Argyle. The Twolves dominated in Utah and other states. Ryan received more than 20 trophies in his career. Ryan became one of the best pitchers, outfielders and base runners in the state of Utah. When Ryan’s younger brother Zach showed interest in baseball, Mike started a new baseball team called the Iron Hawks when Zach was 10. Mike had looked for an accelerated team for Zach, but did not like how the coaches coached. Mike started the Iron Hawks to give Zach a good experience and to teach him correct principles about life and baseball. Zach won 24 trophies and medals in 4 years. Mike cares about his boys and his players, and has helped them in life to meet their goals. Many of Mike’s players now play varsity in high school and some have been told they could go MLB if they wanted. This Blog is all about how to coach a winning baseball team.


Springville Coach Michael Jenkins started the Iron Hawks accelerated baseball team in 2012 in Springville, Utah. His son Zach was on the team, and he wanted 10 more players. Mike gave 500 flyers to all the city league coaches around the area that made it to the state playoffs. Mike had 42 kids show up for try outs. There were so many boys that had the passion to play and that were good enough, that Mike started 2 teams. The practices for the 2 teams were together, but the games were separate. Mike Jenkins believes that the best practice is game time. Mike was the head coach for both teams and would call the plays in each game. Mike worked it out with the leagues and the tournaments to always be available for both team. Mike would sometimes coach 4 games in one day. Mike Jenkins loves the game of baseball and loves the positive successes of the players. He loves seeing players succeed in a failure sport like baseball. After a while, Mike took the best from both teams, and gave the 2nd team to one of the dads. Mike’s team became the famous Iron Hawks team in Utah that was known for winning games and tournaments.